johnny_deftones (johnny_deftones) wrote,

My first time with an SLR

Type your cut contents here.

Butterflies have ADD.

My Street.

Messin' with shutterspeed at night-house across the street.

I love my drums!!!!!!!!!!!

I think this pic is cool, just because you can see the raindrops on the water, kind of gives it a textured feel or something.

Can you find la mariposa?

I manipped this one a bit.

Lightning is sweet.

Hiroshima at dawn?

There are more in my facebook, but these were the best, I thought.  Hope you enjoy them.
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Some of those are pretty damn kick ass. Messing with long exposures and such on an SLR are really fun. That's cool, who's camera?
My friend Brandon's Canon, the one I was using when you guys were here. I'm going to finish off that roll soon and send you the photos I took of you and Elliott.
Very cool pics, Johnson!
I like the clouds and the lighting in the drums picture.
Yeah, I planned that, because I'm pretty much a natural with everything. Glad you enjoyed them.